Magnetic hands induction & eye lock

Hypnotic demonstration 1: Magnetic hands induction, progressive muscle relaxation and eye lock

Magnetic hands, progressive muscle relaxation and the eye lock are all classic ways of working in hypnosis. This video gives you an idea of how they could all be combined in your hypnosis session. It is worth noting that the pre-talk (see here) has not been included so here are a few tips below to keep in mind when watching (or if you want to while closing your eyes and following along).

Top tips
  1. Hypnotherapy is an active collaborative effort. It is done ‘with’ you rather than ‘to’ you. By focusing your attention and being immersed fully and completely in the moment you will enjoy the best results. 
  2. Simply follow my instructions in a gentle but confident and assured way. There is no need to try to hard.
  3. When asked to engage your imagination imagine things as if they are real – then imagine you are not imagining anymore (magnetic hands is a great place to practice this).
  4. Convince yourself that even if it is for just a moment that this is your reality. For instance if I was to suggest that your legs were relaxing now or that they were becoming heavier allow yourself to believe it, allow it to become your reality.
  5. Have a positive hypnotic mind set and believe that you are capable. Whether you believe you can or can not experience hypnosis you are right. All hypnosis is after all a form of self hypnosis so mind set is key.
  6. Use your imagination not your will power. Will power is a conscious effort where as imagination is the language of the subconscious. If you have ever woken up and consciously tried to will yourself back to sleep it is a lot harder than just imagining you are drifting off easily and effortlessly.
  7. Enjoy the process and don’t over analyse it. Be in the moment and just observe it with a sense of curiosity as it unfolds.
  8. Most importantly have fun. It really is a wonderful experience to explore your mind.
Magnetic hands

This was one of the first hypnotic ‘warm up’ exercises I was taught. It really allows you to harness your imagination and create an experience for yourself.

Here is the basic break down:

  • Rub your hands together until you can feel the warmth build
  • Place your hands a couple of inches apart
  • Focus on a spot between your hands and keep focusing on it as you close your eyes
  • Imagine a powerful hypnotic magnet in each hand that will pull your hands together
  • When your hands touch let them fall into your lap and allow any tension in your body to just let go just like your hands did
Progressive muscle relaxation (PMR)

Anyone who has done a yoga class will recognise the PMR. It is as simple as resting your mind sequentially on different parts of your body and just allowing them to relax. This is a great exercise on its own or to do just before bed or after a long day’s work

Here’s the basic break down:

  • Start at your feet and imagine them relaxing and letting go of any tension
  • Hold onto that relaxation and move on up to the thighs and repeat
  • Keep moving up the body until you reach your eyes
  • You can cycle this and return back to the feet again
  • Top tip – synch your out breath with imagining your muscles relaxing and melting
Eye lock

Our final piece of hypnotic phenomena is the eye lock. I remember playing with this one when I was a ten year old at school. It is a little like magnetic hands in so much as we want to harness your imagination to help create the phenomena.

Here’s the basic break down:

  • With your head still and your eyes closed, look up at the top of your head as if you were looking up at the ceiling
  • Suggest to yourself that your eyes are glued shut
  • Keep looking up at the ceiling and when you are sure your eyes are stuck, try and open them and find you can not
Summing it up

Learning to get even better at going into hypnosis is a skill set that can be practiced and magnetic hands, progressive muscle relaxation and the eye lock are great ways to begin honing your skills. If you are booked in for a session in person or by Skype, watching this video is an excellent way to get yourself acquainted with the building blocks of some of the work we will be exploring. If you are simply watching out of curiosity please enjoy and let me know how it goes.

Best wishes


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Daniel Baines
Daniel Baines

Daniel Baines is an Osteopath, Hypnotherapist and movement coach who is intrigued by all things mind and body.