Eye fixation induction and arm lock

Hypnosis demonstration 2: Eye fixation induction, sleep click deepener and arm lock

This is the second demo of some of my favourite hypnotic inductions and deepeners (if you missed part 1 you can find the link here). In this demo we explore the classic eye fixation induction, the sleep click deepener (or now click deepener in this demo) and the arm lock. We use the arm lock slightly differently here to help create a feeling of confidence at the end before ‘re-awakeing’. Feel free to watch or just close your eyes and follow along. 

(before watching it might be worth revisiting the section ‘How to get the most of your experience’ here)

Eye fixation induction

This is a classic induction first popularised by James Braid in the 1800’s. Braid believed early on in his career that it was actually eye fixation that created hypnosis. He subsequently changed his mind on the mechanics but never the less the eye fixation induction still works and has stood the test of time. It relies on certain natural physiological responses (the tiring of the eye lids), along side focused attention and suggestion.

Here is the basic break down of the eye fixation induction:

  • Keeping your head still focus on a point that is above eye height (in the video we use a pen)
  • Suggest to yourself that your eyelids are becoming tired and heavier 
  • When they are so heavy that it would be easier to just close them, allow them to shut 
  • Continue to imagine focusing on that point and enjoy the sense of relaxation
  • Allow a wave of relaxation to flow from your head to your toes
Sleep click deepener

In the video I say “when I click my fingers and say now you will go back into hypnosis twice as deep as before.” This is simply an anchor that triggers the post hypnotic suggestion of going back into hypnosis.  Anchors can be verbal as in this case or physical such as a touch on the shoulder or the back of the hand. By taking someone in and out of hypnosis several times they will go even deeper into their experience. This is known as fractionation.

Here is the basic break down of the sleep click deepener:

  • Set up the post hypnotic suggestion and trigger
  • Awaken them on a count of 3 then click fingers and say “now” (or sleep) to trigger them back into hypnosis
  • Repeat 3-5 times
Arm lock

The arm lock is a fascinating hypnotic phenomenon to experience. Simply using the power of suggestion it is possible for you to hijack your reality and cause your arm to lock and become solid like an iron bar. In the video we use the arm lock as a form of leverage and tag on suggestions for confidence. “Your arm can begin to lower on its own only as quickly as you can experience a sense of confidence growing deep within.”

Here is the basic break down of the arm lock:

  • Make a fist and extend your arm out in front of you
  • Imagine a solid iron bar next to your arm and then imagine it blending with your arm, through your wrist, elbow and shoulder as it becomes solid, stuck and rigid
  • When your sure it is stuck try and bend your arm and find that it becomes even more rigid!
Summing it up

Learning to get even better at going into hypnosis is a skill set that can be practiced. The eye fixation induction, sleep click fractionation and arm lock are all ways to begin honing your skills. If you are booked in for a session in person or by Skype, watching this video is an excellent way to get yourself acquainted with the building blocks of some of the work we will be exploring. If you are simply watching out of curiosity please enjoy and let me know how it goes.

Best wishes


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Daniel Baines
Daniel Baines

Daniel Baines is an Osteopath, Hypnotherapist and movement coach who is intrigued by all things mind and body.