About me

Daniel Baines reading a book

I am Dan –  a hypnotherapist, osteopath and movement coach who lives, practices and plays in the beautiful sea side town of Hastings as well as in our vibrant capital city, London. 

My journey into all things mind and body related began aged 8 (even though I did not realise it at the time). I discovered that by lacing up a pair of trainers and running for miles my brother’s powers of annoyance could no longer effect me. My mind would become clear and I would develop a zen like patience that Buddha himself would have been proud of.

Even through a minor detour of studying architecture I continued to explore all things physical and became a professional dancer. I travelled the world and spent seven glorious years with the hit show Stomp smashing dustbin lids and beating out rhythms with brooms. Consequently my body decided enough was enough and the constant physical discomfort  meant a career step sideways.

It turned out that retiring from dancing was an incredible gift that not only allowed me to explore the body and mind but to do so with insight and a bit of a twist. I trained as an osteopath and immediately adapted what I had learnt to include movement (for more on this you might be interested to read here). Meanwhile I was discovering that it really was impossible to separate the body and mind so I became curious about hypnotherapy and immediately fell in love with it. Hypnosis became a wonderfully creative outlet for me and a practice that allows me to find that place of mental calmness that I first discovered through running. I knew it was something I wanted to share and have spent my time since exploring ways to  integrate it into my work.

daniel baines hypnotherapy doing a hand stand in stomp

...enough about me let's learn about you

So you have learnt a bit about me, now it is time to continue learning about you. In the next video I will explain about the conscious and unconscious mind and how together we can work with hypnosis to break the habits you are creating in your life. So sit back and lets look under the bonnet of your mind.

For the third and final video in this series which is all about hypnotherapy itself click here