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Hi, I am Dan – a Hypnotherapist, Osteopath and movement coach. I help people understand their minds and bodies and empower them to create the things that they want from life. 

We all experience the world through our own tinted spectacles, be it via our physical movements or  cognitions and beliefs. While we are wearing these spectacles we can get stuck in patterns and sometimes we just need someone on the outside to say “hey have you thought about it like this?” 

My job is to shine a flash light on where you have become stuck and to create awareness. Awareness creates space and in this space you now have the option to choose. It’s a wonderful space where I see magic happen everyday.

So whether it is in person in Hastings or London or via the blogs and videos on this website, please join me and learn to become your very own hypnotherapist.

Best wishes 

Daniel Baines





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